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This was a piece I'm working on which I'm not whether to go in a particular direction on...

Would love to know some thoughts on this? Especially around the grain... too much?

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In my head, this came out well, but a friend of mine said it looked like I'd Photoshopped it. I'm not sure what to think now... is it too much?

I'm not sure if it's the focal length or the noise on the image that is causing that opinion... maybe both? Will tip well for constructive criticism!

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Hey W-I-P squad! Would love some thoughts on this! Something I took on a trip to Scotland a few years ago and feels like it encapsulated the mood of a cold winter there!

Camera is a Nikon F6 and film was Ilford HP5 Plus (which I love btw!), I'm gonna tip 100 $WIP for my fave comment!

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I tried a double exposure on here but not fully sure if it works as a concept. Does anyone have any tips for getting better results from this technique? Argh!

Will tip generously for help! Using a cheap Leica for this fyi.